The Little Men from Yix and other stories

The Little Men from Yix and other stories

Jessie Wee
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Book Title: The Little Men From Yix And Other Stories
ISBN: 9789814189859
By Author(s): Nathan Meyer
By Publisher: Sky Pony Press

This is the start of a new series by Jessie Wee, the doyen of Singaporean children’s book authors.

Sunnee and Raynee are twin brothers. Their school days are sprinkled with adventures and unforgettable experiences with their friends and teachers.
What happens when Sunnee brings his pet mouse to school? Will a chimpanzee ruin the school fancy-dress parade? Why does Siva change the course of history in the class play? How do the twins react when they face the fantastic little men from Planet Yix?

Jessie Wee, winner of the first Singapore Book Council Lifetime Achievement Award in Children’s Literature, writes because she believes children in Singapore need stories they can call their own, stories they can identify with. In this collection of stories, she continues to appeal to young readers with her engaging storytelling style, warmth, and keen sense of humour.