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Book Title: Emotional Advantage /T
ISBN: 9781250765772
By Author(s):RANDY TARAN

In recent years, there has been an overwhelming interest in the science of happiness. Happiness is a core, universal human drive, which has opened the door for many to go forward. It's easy to welcome happiness, but life can be messy with other feelings we would really rather avoid. The good news is we are born with a full range of human emotions for a reason. Every emotion carries information we can use to improve our lives, and anyone can do so, if we know how.

Now in paperback, Emotional Advantage shows us a new perspective on how fear can move us to courage, how guilt can clarify our values, and how anger can help us create healthy boundaries. By becoming emotionally literate, and discovering simple strategies for daily life, we open the door to positive change.

Award-winning author, producer, and founder of Project Happiness, Randy Taran knows that every emotion, feeling, and mental state has the power to help us increase our self-awareness, raise our confidence, and bring us back to our true essence. Emotional Advantage is a toolkit to help us take charge of creating our very best life.