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Advanced Rowing /P

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Book Title: Advanced Rowing /P
ISBN: 9781472912336

Advanced Rowing brings together a selection of leading experts in the sport of rowing, including international head coaches from New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and Denmark, who have all coached crews to World and Olympic medals. Distinguished club and university coaches contribute from the United States, Great Britain and Australia. Between them these coaches work with the top national level athletes in their countries and specialise in preparing them to achieve international competitive standard.

The coaches reveal key features that they believe explain why they have achieved a consistent level of success, paying special attention to key issues including:

- Training programmes to promote skill and fitness
- Motivating and inspiring athletes
- Creating successful training environments
- Selecting athletes and talent identification
- Making use of other experts (e.g. sports scientists, physiotherapists, dedicated strength and conditioning coaches)

Advanced Rowing also offers insights from experts on selected topics that are important in the development of rowing success including biomechanics, nutrition, technique development, endurance training and strength and conditioning.

This is an essential resource for any rowing coach, providing an overview of the general environments that support high performance national and international rowing programmes and describing the range of strategies that elite rowing coaches use to help develop advanced rowing performance.