Awful Egyptians

Awful Egyptians

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Book Title: Horrhist Awful Egyptians Newspaper Ed.
ISBN: 9780702311277
By Author(s):

Discover all the foul facts about the Awful Egyptians with
history's most horrible headlines.

All the Awful Egyptians' most horrible facts ready for
readers to uncover, including:

why the Egyptian people worshipped a dung beetle

which pharaoh married her grandfather

and what the 'Shepherd of the Royal Backside' had to do!

* fully illustrated throughout and packed with horrible
stories - with all the horribly hilarious bits

* with a fresh take on the classic Horrible
Histories style, perfect for fans old and new

* the perfect series for anyone looking for
a fun and informative read

* Horrible Histories has been entertaining
children and families for generations with books, TV, stage show,
magazines, games and 2019's brilliantly funny Horrible
Histories: the Movie - Rotten Romans.

Get your history right here and collect the whole horrible lot.

Read all about it!