A Monk's Guide to Happiness : Meditation in the 21st century

A Monk's Guide to Happiness : Meditation in the 21st century

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Book Title: Monk'S Guide To Happiness /P
ISBN: 9781473696686
By Publisher:HODDER UK

This program includes meditation exercises at the end of each chapter. These exercises are collected in full at the end of the program, where they are paced so that listeners can follow along with a guided meditation.

A guide to mindfulness and meditation for the modern day.

In our never-ending search for happiness we often find ourselves looking to external things for fulfillment, thinking that happiness can be unlocked by buying a bigger house, getting that next promotion, or building a perfect family. 

In A Monk's Guide to Happiness, Gelong Thubten, a Buddhist monk and meditation expert who has worked with everyone from Ruby Wax and Benedict Cumberbatch to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, explores the nature of happiness and explains how to bring meditation into our busy 21st-century lives through simple yet effective exercises.

A Monk's Guide to Happiness will show you how to:


  • Learn practical methods that help you to choose happiness
  • Develop greater compassion for yourself and others
  • Learn how to meditate in micro-moments during a busy day
  • Discover that you are naturally "hard-wired" for happiness

Thubten helps to bust the myth that our lives and minds are too busy for meditation, showing that meditation is more than just a stress-reduction tool or a relaxation therapy: It is the key to finding long-lasting joy and contentment.