Domes: Flowers Of Gardens By The Bay (only copy)

Domes: Flowers Of Gardens By The Bay (only copy)

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Book Title: Domes: Flowers Of Gardens By The Bay
ISBN: 9789814721967
By Author(s):MAN CHEUNG
By Publisher:MCIA

In the Gardens by the Bay...within the two soaring domes...deep in the night...the flowers reveal their secrets...

In collaboration with Gardens by the Bay, Hong Kong/ Australian photographer Man Cheung presents a photographic gallery of the most exquisite flowers found inside the Garden's two conservatories, the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. Domes illuminates in loving details the intricate beauty of some 100 flowers, pushing the boundaries of how we view them.

A marriage of science and art, this volume is a splendid tribute to the Gardens by the Bay's achievements, and to the beauty of flowers in all their varied forms.

For those interested to learn more about the featured flowers, there is also an index appended, listing their botanical names and classification.