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Book Title: Birds /P
ISBN: 9781782745266
By Publisher:AMBER BOOKS

Birds are some of the oldest and most intriguing creatures on the planet, dating from the time of the dinosaurs. The encyclopedia of Birds profiles more than 400 of the world's most fascinating bird species, from the flamingo to the humming bird, and the eagle to the ostrich, offering a truly comprehensive overview of birds from every continent and giving a sense of the incredible diversity of bird species.
Featured birds are grouped by order, then within each order by family; each family section contains examples of the key species, which are illustrated with beautifully detailed, full-colour artworks. For easy reference, each entry includes a table of information on scientific name, order and family, features, habitats, distribution, diet and breeding, as well as informative maps and detailed box features.
Packed full of information and colour, the encyclopedia of Birds is guaranteed to appeal to any budding ornithologist or bird enthusiast.