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The Scribbly Man : The Children of D'Hara, episode 1

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Book Title: Children Of D'Hara 1: Scribbly Man 
ISBN: 9781789541182
By Publisher:HEAD OF ZEUS

'We have all caught fleeting glimpses of them: the monster under the bed, the dark shadow just out of sight, the knot of unexpected terror in the pit of your stomach'
- Kahlan Amnell.

The world has been forged anew. Tyranny vanquished, the breach between the living and the dead healed, the stars themselves realigned. It is the triumph Richard Rahl and his wife Kahlan Amnell fought so hard, over so many years, for. Ruling a vast realm encompassing lands and peoples unknown, they have vowed to bring a golden age of peace to a world shattered by terror and war.

What Richard does not expect is a demand for his immediate, unconditional surrender.

Not of D'Hara, but of the entire world...