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The China Mission : George Marshall's Unfinished War, 1945-1947

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Book Title: China Mission: Georhe Marshall'S War
ISBN: 9780393240955
By Publisher:NORTON

Following the success of General George C. Marshall's leadership of the American army during the Second World War, he was the obvious candidate for the international mission to broker a coalition government between China's warring Nationalists and Communists. As a US "special representative" Marshall began enacting miraculous change and under his guiding hand, China's political factions agreed to a ceasefire and settled on the principles of a democratic government. But then the agreements Marshall brokered fractured and civil war came to China.

This fascinating history portrays the incredible beginnings and ultimate failure of Marshall's high-stakes mission. In spellbinding detail, The China Mission chronicles an unforgettable miss-step in American diplomacy that changed the course of global politics for ever more.