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Confessions Of Zeno /Bp

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Book Title: Confessions Of Zeno /Bp
ISBN: 9781787474178
By Author(s):SVEVO ITALO
By Publisher:QUERCUS

'I am sure a cigarette has a more poignant flavour when it is the last'

A neurotic Italian businessman obsessed by his own hypochondria, Zeno Cosini recounts his early years to his psychoanalyst Dr S as a form of therapy. With a cigarette clutched permanently between his fingers, he explores the important themes of his life: his love of smoking, his relationship with his parents, his marriage. Structured as a series of conversations with his psychoanalyst, Zeno was an innovation in its time, and remains a curious and intriguing delight.

Michael Hoffman places Confessions of Zeno in its European context in his sparkling introduction.