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Book Title: Cripple Creek  
ISBN: 9781842437322
By Publisher:OLDCASTLE

The second novel of the Turner trilogy

A year or so has passed since the events of Cypress Grove. Ex-policeman, ex-con, former therapist, Turner has become Deputy Sheriff in the small town within driving distance of Memphis, Tennessee, to which he had migrated in hopes of escaping his past. His life is mending as he and Val Bjorn grow closer. And then a young man, arrested on a routine traffic stop with more than $200,000 in his trunk, is forcibly sprung from jail after Sheriff Don Lee is brutally assaulted. Throwing caution aside, Turner goes in pursuit to Memphis, unleashing ghosts he thought he had left behind, and endangering all that matters to him now.

In Cypress Grove, James Sallis introduced his compelling new protagonist - Turner. Susannah Yager of The Telegraph said: "Sallis's deceptively easy style disguises the skill with which he has produced a satisfyingly complete portrait of a man's life". Now, Turner is back in Cripple Creek, a novel as atmospheric and eventful as anything Sallis has written.

'Sallis is an unsung genius of crime writing. Hunt this one out and you won't be disappointed' - Independent on Sunday