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Dig Up A Dinosaur: T-Rex

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Book Title: Dig Up A Dinosaur: T-Rex
ISBN: 9781784044251
By Author(s):0
By Publisher:Arcturus

You're a fossil hunter and you've just discovered a T. rex. Learn more about this amazing dinosaur, then press out the model pieces and fit them together--just like a real paleontologist--and build a fantastic model of a T. rex. Learn about T. rex and other dinosaurs. Find out their size, what they ate, how they lived, and what made them the most feared predators of the prehistoric age. The dinosaur model is presented as bones in a rock, so the reader can "excavate" them and then slot them together. Fun text and really interesting facts make the prehistoric world feel very real. There are six model boards in the book, and really clear instructions on how to build your T. rex model.