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A Dog Called Hope : The wounded warrior and the dog who dared to love him

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Book Title: Dog Called Hope /P
ISBN: 9781784297169
By Publisher:QUERCUS

'Inspiring and very moving. A hero on so many levels' Bear Grylls

'The astonishing journey ... and the service dog that helped him recover ... A tale that will inspire and amaze'

When special forces soldier Jason Morgan awoke from a months-long coma, he was told he'd never walk again. Discovered face-down in a Central American swamp after a jungle mission gone wrong, he had a smashed spine,collapsed lungs and countless broken bones. It was a miracle he'd even survived.

Months of painful surgery followed, with Jason's life balanced on a knife-edge. Released from hospital in a wheelchair and plagued by memory loss, Jason's life fell apart. Left alone to raise his three infant sons, all hope seemed gone,until Jason met Napal, a handsome-as-hell black Labrador provided by a very special charity