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Evil Women: Deadlier Than the Male

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Book Title: Evil Women
ISBN: 9781788280242
By Publisher:ARCTURUS

Many people find it impossible to believe women are capable of committing brutal murders just like men, but this book shows otherwise. Katherine Knight donned a black negligee before stabbing her lover John Price 37 times, then serving up his corpse for dinner with baked potatoes, pumpkin and all the trimmings. Sue Basso became supermarket packer Buddy Musso's 'lady love', but his dreams of happiness were shredded when she and her friends tortured him to death for a paltry $15,000 life insurance policy. Shelly Michael injected her husband with a drug that led to death by slow suffocation, then she set their house on fire. Each of the cases documented here makes for a chilling read, proving that the female really can be deadlier than the male.