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Fingerprint Fun: Dinosaurs

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Book Title: Fingerprint Fun: Dinosaurs 
ISBN: 9781784289843
By Publisher:ARCTURUS

Kids will absolutely love this hands-on guide to fingerprint painting! Learn to create exciting pictures with just your fingers, a pot of paint and a few scribbles. Want to add teeth to T. rex or scales to Stegosaurus? From roaring dinos to flying dinos, happy herbivores to fierce carnivores, this fantastic book is jam-packed with adorable illustrations. With step-by-step projects and charming scenes to complete, it's easy to create eye-catching paintings from the simplest of starting points. Perfect for children aged 4 and above. With the step-by-step projects, kids learn to create cute characters from just a few fingerprints. They can then add these finger figures to partially-completed scenes. With scenes to complete, any mess is contained inside the book - so there's no clearing up except for washing those fingers!, Features beautiful, engaging illustrations that children will really respond to. Encourages kids to be creative by imagining what creatures they could create from just a fingerprint shape