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Book Title: Friend /T
ISBN: 9781788547062
By Publisher:HEAD OF ZEUS

A gripping international thriller, perfect for fans of Homeland. Trust. Betrayal. Conspiracy.

Jacob Seger is a trainee diplomat who dreams of changing the world. But on his first posting, in Beirut, he meets a handsome stranger at a party and is swept up in a passionate, obsessive, affair. His relationship with Yassim eclipses everything - until one day Jacob recognises his own face in the newspaper. He is wanted on terrorism charges. Has Yassim set him up? Is he now a pawn in a murderous plot?

Jacob is being pulled into a dangerous and complicated game. He needs to learn the rules, and escape Beirut - and he needs to do it fast.

At once a moving love story and a gripping adventure, The Friend is an intelligent, urgent thriller that casts light on the dark threats facing the world today.