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History Of Malaysia 3E Pb

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Book Title: History Of Malaysia 3E Pb
ISBN: 9780230293540
By Author(s):ANDAYA & ANDAYA

First published in 1982, this text is widely regarded as a leading general history of the country. This new and revised edition brings the story of this fascinating country up to date, incorporating the latest scholarship on every period of Malaysian history, including recent research into pre-modern times. This text thus provides a historical framework that helps explain the roots of the issues dominating Malaysian life today, and the difficulties of creating a multicultural state where resources are equitably shared and the rights of all citizens are acknowledged.

This book is a key text for courses on Southeast Asian history and politics. Covering a range of disciplinary subjects in the humanities and social sciences, it is also useful for anyone interested in the assessment of young, modernizing nations.

New to this Edition:
- A new chapter provides insights into Malaysian history of the last 15 years, including the growing influence of the internet and social media in the political sphere
- Greater attention is paid to the strengthening of civil society movements that have arisen in light of perceived government failures
- Fresh analysis of Islam's historical role in the Malay world and how it links with the growing Islamization of Malaysia today