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How To Talk To An Autistic Kid

Daniel Stefanski
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Book Title: How To Talk To An Autistic Kid
ISBN: 9781575423654
By Author(s):Daniel Stefanski

Kids with autism have a hard time communicating, which can be frustrating for autistic kids "and" for their peers. In this intimate yet practical book, author Daniel Stefanski, a fourteen-year-old boy with autism, helps readers understand why autistic kids act the way they do and offers specific suggestions on how to get along with them.While many "typical" kids know someone with autism, they sometimes misunderstand the behavior of autistic kids, which can seem antisocial or even offensive-even if the person with autism really wants to be friends. The result of this confusion is often painful for those with autism: bullying, teasing, excluding, or ignoring. "How to Talk to an Autistic" is an antidote. Written by an autistic kid for non-autistic kids, it provides personal stories, knowledgeable explanations, and supportive advice-all in Daniel's unique and charming voice and accompanied by lively illustrations.Always straightforward and often humorous, "How to Talk to an Autistic Kid" will give readers-kids and adults alike-the confidence and tools needed to befriend autistic kids. They'll also feel like they've made a friend already-Daniel.