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Mapmaker chronicles 02 Prisoner Of Black Hawk

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Book Title: Mapmaker chronicles 02 Prisoner Of Black Hawk.  In the second thrilling instalment of the Mapmaker Chronicles by Australian author A.L. Tait, Quinn is taken prisoner by a ruthless enemy.

Tomas laughed. 'You think that's terrifying? Wait till you meet the pescarn . . . they will eat the flesh off your bones in minutes.'

In the second book in this thrilling series, Mapmaker Quinn is far from home in an exotic land filled with dangerous creatures and ruthless enemies.

When he is betrayed by someone close to him and comes face-to-face with blood-thirsty pirates, he has to decide once and for all who is a friend and who is a foe . . .

Is this the end of the race for Quinn - or just the beginning of another incredible adventure in The Mapmaker Chronicles?

ISBN: 9780734415790
By Author(s):TAIT A.L.