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The Secret Language Of Herbs /H

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Book Title: Secret Language Of Herbs /H
ISBN: 9781782495598
By Author(s):ALICE PECK
By Publisher:CICO

"Have you ever bought a book as a gift for someone and then kept it for yourself because it was so nice? Well The Secret Language of Herbs is that kind of book... [it] is a gorgeous, beautiful, interesting and informative little book." Spiral Nature Magazine

Discover the fascinating hidden language of 55 herbs, from the familiar to the exotic.

Divided into four chapters - Healing & Hope, Love & Joy, Protection & Guidance and Ritual & Promise - this gorgeous gift book introduces the reader to 55 herbs and their lore and language. Each herb includes a little history about it, the keywords associated with it, and what it means if that one's your favourite. All the herbs you know are here, from lavender to basil, rosemary to parsley, but also ones you may be less familiar with, such as wintergreen, Solomon's seal and loosestrife. Filled with stunning illustrations, this collection of meaning and legend, history and magic, and healing and practical uses will deepen your understanding and delight in herbs and perhaps uncover something new about you, too.