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Somnambulist & Psychic Thief

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Book Title: Somnambulist & Psychic Thief 
ISBN: 9781784299606
By Author(s):TUTTLE LISA
By Publisher: HACHETTE

For several years Miss Lane was companion, collaborator and friend to the lady known to the Psychical Society only as Miss X - until she discovered that Miss X was actually a fraud.

Now Miss Lane works with Mr Jasper Jesperson as a consulting detective, but the cases are not as plentiful as they might be and money is getting tight - until a wife's concern for her husband's nocturnal ramblings piques their interest, and mediums begin to disappear all over London.

There is only one team with the imagination and intelligence to uncover the nefarious purpose behind the vanished psychics and the somnambulist's wanderings