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Understanding Enterprise : Entrepreneurship and Small Business

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Book Title: Understanding Enterprise 4E
ISBN: 9780230308091
By Author(s):BRIDGE, SIMON,
By Publisher: PALGRAVE

The emergence of an enterprise culture and entrepreneurial economy has led to the rapid development of theories, policies and practices in the field of entrepreneurship. Understanding Enterprise provides a critical introduction to enterprise in its broadest context, particularly its application to business through entrepreneurship and small business. The book is divided into three distinct parts, which examine traditional approaches to entrepreneurship, new perspectives on the subject, and the success or otherwise of government policy.

Key features:
- Extensively revised to take into account the latest thinking and research
- Reassessment of traditional views and a critique of conventional wisdom
- Updated coverage of the impact and failings of comparative government policies
- A good balance between theoretical and practical perspectives

Understanding Enterprise is an essential companion for undergraduate and postgraduate students of entrepreneurship. Policy makers and practitioners will also benefit from this comprehensive guide.