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Ups & Downs Of Being A Wife

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Book Title: Ups & Downs Of Being A Wife
ISBN: 9781784283810
By Publisher:ARCTURUS

Marriage is a great institution but who the hell wants to live in an institution? Well, actually wives do. But what is a woman letting herself in for when she says, 'I do' and how long will it be before she discovers her partner isn't perfect? Or, worse, he discovers she isn't perfect? This is a gift book featuring more than 120 cartoons by Private Eye's Tony Husband. From whether it's advisable to share a joint account, or what to do if he forgets your birthday, or how you react when your child's first word is 'Dadda' rather than 'Mamma', Tony directs you through the minefield that is marriage. Even if you start off by sinking into his arms, there's no need to end up with your arms in the sink.