Women Who Kill : A Chilling Casebook of True-Life Murders

Women Who Kill : A Chilling Casebook of True-Life Murders

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Book Title: Women Who Kill /T
ISBN: 9781789500882
By Author(s):AL CIMINO
By Publisher:ARCTURUS

Women commit just 4% of homicides in comparison to men. But this disproportion can make their crimes seem all the more shocking.

In this chilling casebook, Al Cimino explores 34 female murderers. We meet 'Angel of Death' Kristen Gilbert who induced multiple cardiac arrests among her patients while working as a hospital nurse, Enriqueta Marti, the 'Vampire of Barcelona' who killed children to make cosmetics, and many more.

These case studies give riveting insight into the lives and motives of women who decided to commit the ultimate transgression. In many of these cases, the women had suffered years of abuse and psychological breakdown before their eventual crimes. Other times their heinous acts seemed to spring from nowhere, with an unpredictability that is haunting.