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The World Of Norm 3 Volume Set

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Book Title: The World Of Norm 3 Volume Set

The World of Norm Collection Jonathan Meres 3 Books Set Titles are: May Contains nuts, May Cause Irritation, and May Produce Gas.
ISBN: 9781408341261

We all know what it's like to have 'one of those days', but unfortunately Norm seems to have them on all too regular a basis... Witty, insightful and full of familiar situations, these three books follow Norm as he works his way through his oh-so-unfair life. From moving house to having to contend with his dad's rhinoceros-style snoring; and embarrassing photos being shared on social media to a brother who desperately needs some deodorant; Norm has to contend with so much... With a similar zest, appeal and sense of humour to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and with fans including Eddie Izzard and Harry Hill, you'll love getting to know Norm as he heads from one misadventure to another! An award-winning series from Jonathan Meres, we can't get enough of The World of Norm and know any children you know aged 9+ will find the three books featured here laugh-out-loud funny, too. This collection includes books 1-3 in Jonathan Meres' The World of Norm series.